About this project

The OpenFlexure Field Dissection Microscope is a microscope for looking at objects that are a few mm across, such as bees. The microscope is in an early development stage, but eventually the microscope should be robust enough for field work.

The microscope sits in the OpenFlexure family of microscopes. This field dissection microscope reuses some features from the OpenFlexure Microscope, including the a tried and tested methods for mounting optics on locking dovetails. It also reuses much of the same CAD codebase.

Development of this first prototype was supported by crowd-funding on Experiment.com and by an Experiment Foundation Grant.

Building a Field Dissection Microscope

Before you start building the microscope you will need to check you have everything on our the list of components (HTML, CSV). After this the assembly is divided into these steps

  1. Print the plastic parts
  2. Solder the LED
  3. Prepare the riser
  4. Assembling the optics
  5. Assembling the focussing mechanism
  6. Mounting the electronics
  7. Final Assembly
  8. Getting started with your microscope

Understanding the design

Some extra information is also provided in the following pages to aid in understand the design.

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