Today we are releasing version 6.0.0 of the OpenFlexure Microscope.

This release is almost identical to 5.20.0-b, but will be the first non-beta release in almost 2 years.

Why jump a major version then? Honestly, because 5.20.0 should have been a major release in the first place. The improvements over previous 5.X.x releases are huge.


This is a summary of changes since the last stable release, v5.15.2a

  • A much stiffer Z axis, with less off-axis wobble when moving in Z
  • A screw-on optics module that won’t loosen with time
  • Optional reflection-illumination parts, including a printable filter cube
  • The same microscope body for both low-res and high-res microscopes
  • Lower magnification for the lower resolution optics module (this is a good thing, I promise!)
  • Triangular “self tapping holes” to make it easier to put the screws in without damage.
  • Ties to support wobbly parts during printing
  • Stronger feet, less prone to snapping under tension of O-rings
  • New thumbscrews for non-motorised version
  • Optional “smart brim” for body (creates an adhesion brim that doesn’t interfere with stage mechanics)
  • Viton O-rings are now easier to insert (for those of you who were put off by the bent paperclip tool, it’s nothing like that! It now takes about one minute per axis if everything’s going smoothly)
  • Improved documentation
  • Numerous small bug-fixes

Developer changelog

  • Moved build system to Ninja
  • GitLab CI handles automatic STL builds
  • GitLab CI handles automatic documentation builds
  • GitLab CI handles deployment of tagged releases to


STL files are available at

Documentation is available at