Prepare the Logitech C270 HD webcam for mounting

In this section we are disassembling a Logitech C270 HD webcam to use with C270 versions of Openflexure optics modules. It is not supported in the Openflexure software, but it can be used with many simple webcam programs.

For this section you will need:


You will need to break the case of the camera, and you will need to take care not to damage the camera board and sensor. Do this at your own risk

Step 1: Open the C270 case

Step 2: Remove the camera board from the case


The camera board is static sensitive.

Step 3: Remove the microphone

Step 4: Remove the lens


The camera sensor is very delicate
Work in a dust-free area


Attach the camera sensor to your optics module as soon as possible so that it does not collect dust

Step 5: Prepare the lens to use in the basic optics module

The prepared Logitech C270 camera and lens are now ready to attach to your optics module or lens spacer